Rep. Miller Statement on Status of Talks to Reopen the Government

Oct 12, 2013

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today made the following statement on the status of talks to reopen the government and the path forward to upholding America’s full faith and credit:

“The House has voted three times to fully fund the government and to give every American fundamental fairness under the President’s health care law.  And after the U.S. Senate rejected those bills we simply asked for negotiations.  We have also voted for 20 separate bills to fully fund vital parts of the government with absolutely no strings attached.  Unfortunately, the Senate has rejected each proposal the House has put forward and our calls for negotiations were met with a stonewall which has made it impossible to end the current government shutdown.  Finally, it appears that stonewall has been breached and the two chambers of Congress, the House and the Senate, and the White House have begun to talk and work towards finding an equitable solution.

“I am very hopeful that we can quickly find a solution to not only reopen the federal government, but also make certain that our nation does not default on its debt which would be disastrous for our economy.  Furthermore, I am hopeful that this needed dialogue will help us make real progress in addressing our long term debt and deficit. 

“Not talking leads only to stalemate -- and real negotiations lead to solutions.  I am committed to finding those solutions and will work with anyone ready to reach a hand across the aisle who shares my desire to move America forward.”