Rep. Miller: ObamaCare is Simply Not Working

Jul 17, 2013 Issues: Health

House votes to delay employer and individual mandates

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WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today spoke on the Floor of the House of Representatives in favor of the Authority for Mandate Delay Act (H.R. 2667) which will delay implementation of the employer mandate, and the Fairness for American Families Act (H.R. 2668) which will delay implementation of the individual mandate.  The House passed both H.R.2667 and H.R.2668, and called upon on the U.S. Senate to take swift action.  Miller said:

“It appears that the Obama Administration has finally come to the conclusion that the employer mandate in ObamaCare is a job killer.  Many have speculated that the Administration’s decision to delay the employer mandate until after the 2014 election was due to fears that job cuts and hour reductions that would result from the mandate’s implementation would negatively impact the President’s party at the polls.  And it seems those fears are justified. 

“Recently, the Teamsters and other labor groups wrote to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi stating that the implementation of ObamaCare put at risk the 40 hour work week, health care benefits and take home pay of their members.  And I agree with the Teamsters that employer mandate is a job killer.  And eliminating the employer mandate would not stop the individual mandate which requires every American to purchase government approved insurance that they may not want, can’t afford and may not provided by their employers or pay a tax penalty.  Is that fair to American families?

“The legislation we are considering today would give every American the same one year reprieve from ObamaCare that the President has offered to businesses.  And because we extend this help to all of the American people, the President has threatened vetoes.  The President is not a king, he is the President.  He does not have the authority to change the law and delay the employer mandate on his own; Congress must give him that authority.  I would say to the President that we will delay the job killing employer mandate, as he has asked, but we will also extend the same relief to all of the American people.

“The President and Members of Congress who vote against this bill will have to explain to the American people why they hear the concerns of business, but not those of the people.  We have heard the people.  We share their concerns.  We stand with them.”