Rep. Miller on Karzai Government’s Planned Release of Enemy Combatants in Afghanistan

Feb 12, 2014

Harrison Township, MI – Today, U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) issued the following statement regarding the Karzai government's planned release of enemy combatants in Afghanistan:    

“The Karzai government has shockingly announced its intention to release 65 deadly enemy combatants back into Afghanistan, many of whom are believed to have killed soldiers and civilians and are known associates of terrorist organizations at war with the U.S., including al Qaeda terrorists that attacked and murdered nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11th.

“For over a decade, our brave servicemen and women have fought to help the Afghan people defeat the enemies that deprived them of freedom and liberty.  Many suffered great sacrifices – too many the ultimate sacrifice.  And now, the Karzai government is returning the favor by releasing these enemies back into Afghanistan, putting our troops in even more danger.

“The Release of these enemy combatants calls for the immediate, long overdue withdrawal of our troops.  We must put their safety above all and stop protecting a country that holds them and U.S. efforts to protect their sovereignty in such low regard."