Rep. Miller: City of Detroit Ideal Location for the USS DETROIT's (LCS 7) Official Launch Into Service

Dec 13, 2013

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today sent a bipartisan letter with members of the Michigan U.S. Congressional Delegation to the U.S. Department of the Navy requesting the selection of the City of Detroit as the site for the official commissioning of the USS DETROIT (LCS 7).  Currently, the USS DETROIT is being constructed in Wisconsin, and the Navy is reviewing potential sites for its official commissioning.  Miller is joined by her colleagues requesting that the Navy give the City of Detroit their full consideration for this honor launching the USS DETROIT (LCS 7) into service.

“The USS DETROIT (LCS 7) will be a vital asset to our Navy as they meet their mission protecting Americans and our allies in coastal waters and in the open sea.  This new and agile combat ship is designed to defeat the ever-growing maritime threats posed, such as by modern day pirates, by providing a fast and dominate response to those who wish to do harm,” Miller said.  “The USS DETROIT (LCS 7) will bear the Motor City’s name, echoing the city and its citizens’ longstanding patriotism and military support provided throughout our nation’s history.  The city is making strides to rally through a difficult time and uniting in courage and perseverance towards a strong comeback.  There would be no greater honor or recognition of the city’s rebirth then to have our City of Detroit be selected as the site of this new ship’s commission into service.”

Letter Rep. Miller et al sent to the U.S. Department of Navy:

December 13, 2013

The Honorable Ray Mabus
Department of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20350-1000

Dear Secretary Mabus:

We write today to express our strong support for the selection of the City of Detroit as the site for the commissioning of the USS DETROIT (LCS 7).  Rich in maritime history and American ingenuity, the City of Detroit is ideally situated to host this event.

As a Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship, the DETROIT will be a fast, agile and multipurpose ship designed for both coastal and ocean missions as well as humanitarian relief missions.  This high-tech vessel will have the unique ability to adjust to different mission sets and will be vital in meeting the changing needs of naval forces around the globe.

The City of Detroit has famously faced its own challenges and has a deep history of being able to adapt, adjust and rebuild throughout the years.  Since 1813, five previous naval vessels have borne the name “Detroit,” so it seems particularly fitting that the city receive the honor of hosting the commissioning ceremony of its newest namesake ship—just as the Navy also begins a new chapter of warfighting assets. 

Rep. Candice S. Miller
Rep. Gary C. Peters
Sen. Carl Levin
Sen. Debbie Stabenow
Rep. Sander Levin
Rep. Bill Huizenga
Rep. John D. Dingell
Rep. John Conyers, Jr.
Rep. Tim Walberg
Rep. Mike J. Rogers
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio
Rep. Dave Camp
Rep. Fred Upton
Rep. Dan Kildee