House Advances Secure, Domestic Energy and Jobs Bills

Jun 28, 2013 Issues: Energy

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today made the following comments in support of House of Representative-passed legislation which reforms our current policy to focus on affordable domestic energy.  Miller said:

“Our nation is faced with ever rising energy costs and security concerns because today’s energy policy is out of step with reality.  Yet this week, the President announced his directive to additionally impose new rules and regulations on our nation’s energy resources – new policies that will only add up to more costs for every American. 

“This week, the House took decisive action to directly address the energy needs of our nation’s households and businesses.  Instead of blocking the path to a more secure energy future and an influx of jobs, my colleagues and I voted to advance two bills, H.R.2231, The Offshore Energy and Jobs Act and H.R. 1613, The Outer Continental Shelf Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreements Authorization Act, which are focused on offshore oil and natural gas development.  Instead of blocking these domestic energy resources from being developed in a responsible manner, these two bills are focused on taking control of America’s energy needs and clearing the way for the creation of more American jobs.  Energy security equals national security.  As a nation, we must get serious about modernizing our energy policy to ensure we have the right mix of secure resources for many years to come.”

H.R.2231, The Offshore Energy and Jobs Act would expand U.S. offshore energy production in order to create over a million new American jobs, lower energy prices, grow our economy and strengthen national security.  The bill removes federal government barriers that block production of our own U.S. energy resources. 

H.R. 1613, The Outer Continental Shelf Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreements Authorization Act would enact the terms of an agreement signed by the Obama Administration and Mexico to govern how to explore, develop, and share revenue from oil and natural gas resources along the maritime border in the Gulf of Mexico.  The bill would expand U.S. energy production, create new American jobs, and grow our economy by opening new areas to oil and natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.