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Congresswoman Candice Miller

Representing the 10th District of Michigan

Rep. Miller: President Continues Shortsighted Push to Divest A-10

February 2, 2015
Press Release
President’s 2016 budget request includes proposal to divest the entire A-10 fleet, including those stationed at Selfridge Air National Guard Base; request also includes $1 billion for aid to Central America and $50 million cut to Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Washington – Today, U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10), Vice Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, issued the following statement on the President’s 2016 budget request to Congress, which includes proposals to divest the entire A-10 fleet, give $1 billion in aid to Central America and cut Great Lakes funding by $50 million:

“Once again, the President has proposed we divest the entire A-10 fleet, a shortsighted proposal that has been overwhelmingly rejected by Congress for the past three years. The A-10, without question, provides the best close air support for our troops in combat.  According to his proposal, however, the A-10, ‘faces survivability challenges,’ a charge I find particularly interesting given that A-10s are reportedly in theater now helping to combat terrorist organizations in the Middle East like ISIL.  The fact is, we currently do not have an aircraft that can replace the A-10, and, until we do, I will continue to fight any effort to divest the fleet and put our combat troops in danger.

“Additionally, the President’s 2016 budget request includes $1 billion to help Central American countries combat crime, address government corruption, and help their economies – all problems the U.S. can’t and shouldn’t solve with hard-earned tax dollars. I was shocked by the proposal, and I believe that, not only should we cut off all U.S. aid to Central America, we should reexamine CAFTA until Central American countries get serious about helping the U.S. control their migration problems. 

“Finally, the President’s budget includes a proposed $50 million cut to funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Our Great Lakes generate billions of dollars each year through the fishing, shipping and recreational boating industries and account for over 20 percent of the fresh water drinking supply on the entire planet.  We simply cannot afford to reduce current efforts to protect and preserve these magnificent Lakes.

“Just like the President’s previous proposals, this budget doesn’t balance – ignoring our huge looming national debt. It puts our troops in harm’s way, fails to put hardworking Americans first, includes more government spending and bureaucracy at the taxpayers’ expense, and, just like his previous proposals, doesn’t have my support.”